the sunday bagel

So usually, once a week on a Sunday (although I broke my rule this time and did it on a Saturday), I post the following: Indeed, every time I have a bagel I do this. In years to come, I will be offered shots of bagels by Facebook when its machine learning algorithms identify that… Continue reading the sunday bagel

on the decline of game shops

So I log onto Twitter today, and an awful lot of devs and other games-related people are talking about the decline of GameStop. GameStop, for those of you who didn’t know, was/is basically America’s answer to GAME, that place that was once relevant but now really isn’t worth visiting much. I’m not going to try… Continue reading on the decline of game shops

on being “stuck”

So begins a new year, and I suppose another one of those blog posts where I muse on updating regularly here. It seems that I am actually not that great at maintaining a blog, at least regularly… and I regularly promise that I will remedy this! Indeed, I wondered what was causing me not to… Continue reading on being “stuck”

vulkan ubuntu 18.04 upgrade problems: the road to happiness

Maybe I should make “The Road To Happiness” a series or something, but I’ve been having some knotty little problems with getting the Vulkan SDK working since upgrading from my old Ubuntu 16.04 installation to the nice, shiny new Ubuntu 18.04. One of the helpful things that happened was that my Vulkan SDK I downloaded from… Continue reading vulkan ubuntu 18.04 upgrade problems: the road to happiness

freetype 2: the road to happiness

I’m going to write a post about coding your own games from scratch later: it’s a topic I have quite strong feelings on (both ways), however right now I feel a pressing need to share with the world a fix for issues with CMake and a certain library that is widely used – FreeType 2.… Continue reading freetype 2: the road to happiness

book review: the subtle art of not giving a f*ck

That was a long week, I can tell you. Everyone seems to like self-help books. I see people in cafes reading them, and usually it’s something like The Secret or The Cosmic Ordering Service which appears to be a religion/mystical thing in disguise as advice. These never clicked with me, as a lot of them seem to revolve around… Continue reading book review: the subtle art of not giving a f*ck

keep scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’…

Ya know, me and this blog have a weird relationship. We don’t see each other for months, and then suddenly I think “I should write everything down”  and I come back and start writing again. And there’s another blog post which is me proclaiming that this time, I’m back and so on… Part of the… Continue reading keep scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’…

lwjgl, maven and the path to happiness

The world of gamedev tutorials and Java is a hazardous one. The internet is full of outdated, broken tutorials that use long-abandoned bindings to OpenGL, engines that use out of date libraries, shit “personal toolkits” that work fine for a particular developer but no-one else and all other kinds of nonsense. How do I know… Continue reading lwjgl, maven and the path to happiness

strange delights

Last Sunday, I reviewed Doctor Mordrid, an early 1990s B-movie where the scriptwriters lost the rights to Doctor Strange and tried to rewrite the film to get around this, resulting in a somewhat odd but enjoyable movie that was heavily reminiscent of Doctor Strange but without being legally close enough for lawyer-fu to take place. So… Continue reading strange delights