the prince of egypt reboot sucks

So after another year, here I am again, posting to my blog because I now have Something To Say. That Something also perhaps breaks a taboo I had set for myself here, which is: politics. Or things relating to politics. I’m not going to slam the Tory government for things it’s done, or go on… Continue reading the prince of egypt reboot sucks

have i not got news for you

Maybe it was the SARS reboot that did it. Or Harley Quinn fans going to war with Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Or Election 2020 fever over the seeming inevitability of a Bernie Sanders candidacy and the apparent extreme socialism he will bring in (in the UK he’d be a fairly mainstream social democrat), or the… Continue reading have i not got news for you

rhel 7 to centos 7 migration: the road to happiness

So in my professional life I do a lot of work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It’s stable, rock-solid (mostly) and easy to use… but however unlike many distros, it comes with a subscription. This is fine: developers gotta eat, and however many anti-capitalist rants people like to go off on, if Linux wasn’t making… Continue reading rhel 7 to centos 7 migration: the road to happiness

on the decline of game shops

So I log onto Twitter today, and an awful lot of devs and other games-related people are talking about the decline of GameStop. GameStop, for those of you who didn’t know, was/is basically America’s answer to GAME, that place that was once relevant but now really isn’t worth visiting much. I’m not going to try… Continue reading on the decline of game shops

keep scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’…

Ya know, me and this blog have a weird relationship. We don’t see each other for months, and then suddenly I think “I should write everything down”  and I come back and start writing again. And there’s another blog post which is me proclaiming that this time, I’m back and so on… Part of the… Continue reading keep scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’…

xmas plans

So here’s what I’m planning to do over Christmas: Although I don’t think there are Daleks in the Doctor Who Christmas special. But yeah, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without sitting down on Christmas Day with the family to watch Doctor Who. Also, on the 26th I’m going to write a big blog post about Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Avenging… Continue reading xmas plans