the prince of egypt reboot sucks

So after another year, here I am again, posting to my blog because I now have Something To Say. That Something also perhaps breaks a taboo I had set for myself here, which is: politics. Or things relating to politics. I’m not going to slam the Tory government for things it’s done, or go on… Continue reading the prince of egypt reboot sucks

on being “stuck”

So begins a new year, and I suppose another one of those blog posts where I muse on updating regularly here. It seems that I am actually not that great at maintaining a blog, at least regularly… and I regularly promise that I will remedy this! Indeed, I wondered what was causing me not to… Continue reading on being “stuck”

freetype 2: the road to happiness

I’m going to write a post about coding your own games from scratch later: it’s a topic I have quite strong feelings on (both ways), however right now I feel a pressing need to share with the world a fix for issues with CMake and a certain library that is widely used – FreeType 2.… Continue reading freetype 2: the road to happiness

the asylum

Today I read about Michael Bay’s plans to reboot the Ninja Turtles as being aliens, and the butthurt that preceded after that from fans using melodramatic language like “you raped my childhood”┬áto describe how a franchise designed to sell plastic crap to kids of the 80s is now transmogrifying into a franchise designed to sell… Continue reading the asylum