the prince of egypt reboot sucks

So after another year, here I am again, posting to my blog because I now have Something To Say. That Something also perhaps breaks a taboo I had set for myself here, which is: politics. Or things relating to politics. I’m not going to slam the Tory government for things it’s done, or go on… Continue reading the prince of egypt reboot sucks

freetype 2: the road to happiness

I’m going to write a post about coding your own games from scratch later: it’s a topic I have quite strong feelings on (both ways), however right now I feel a pressing need to share with the world a fix for issues with CMake and a certain library that is widely used – FreeType 2.… Continue reading freetype 2: the road to happiness

the inferior spider-fan

You know, if there’s one thing that┬áSuperior Spider-Man has done, it’s cause an almighty outpouring of butthurt among Spider-Man fans, and the book isn’t even out yet. I had decided I was going to wait until Christmas Day to talk about it here… but I feel I’ve got stuff to say now. Why? Well, to… Continue reading the inferior spider-fan