it’s the end of the world as we know it

and I feel fine. Really, I do… well, it’s the end of the world of the traditional media industry as we know it, and I feel just peachy about it. Why is this? Well, several things: one was this thoughtful article by the Pirate Party on modern copyright issues in the time of the internet which… Continue reading it’s the end of the world as we know it

locked out

This blockbuster season, I’ve seen a few films that I felt that critics were rather unkind to. First there was John Carter, where various online critics piled on and called it “the next big flop”, possibly ensuring their predictions would fulfill themselves, and now there’s Lockout, an action film written by Luc Besson of Transporter and Nikita fame, starring Guy Pearce and Maggie… Continue reading locked out


(This is heavy on JPEGs. There will be some awesome JPEGs, but still heavy on JPEGs nonetheless. Just a heads-up.) As it’s coming up to blockbuster season again, we’ll be seeing a lot of big films out over the next few weeks. Big films aren’t just about the film only, though, increasingly they’re forming part… Continue reading posterrific

in which i bore the audience to death with sonic the comic

I love comics. I always have since I was a kid, and I used to draw comics all the time filling entire scrapbooks with them. What were those comics about, one might ask? Well, they weren’t about the X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman or any of what you might think. My first comic that I collected and… Continue reading in which i bore the audience to death with sonic the comic


Reboots are all the rage at the moment, in Hollywood and comics (I’m looking at you, DC.). You take a tired, old property that has become tarnished and subject to audience fatigue, cast some new characters, add a sprinkling of fancy special effects and give it a “dark and gritty” makeover and -boom!- new franchise… Continue reading reboot

prometheus… and 130th post! apparently woo

I was just reminded of something when writing the post about John Carter – the Prometheus trailer for… a trailer. Here it is: This is one of those moments when Hollywood kind of realizes my sarcasm. Before, I’ve said in jest that poorly made films such as Transformers which have had entertaining trailers should include “Based on the… Continue reading prometheus… and 130th post! apparently woo