(This is heavy on JPEGs. There will be some awesome JPEGs, but still heavy on JPEGs nonetheless. Just a heads-up.) As it’s coming up to blockbuster season again, we’ll be seeing a lot of big films out over the next few weeks. Big films aren’t just about the film only, though, increasingly they’re forming part… Continue reading posterrific

in which i bore the audience to death with sonic the comic

I love comics. I always have since I was a kid, and I used to draw comics all the time filling entire scrapbooks with them. What were those comics about, one might ask? Well, they weren’t about the X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman or any of what you might think. My first comic that I collected and… Continue reading in which i bore the audience to death with sonic the comic


Reboots are all the rage at the moment, in Hollywood and comics (I’m looking at you, DC.). You take a tired, old property that has become tarnished and subject to audience fatigue, cast some new characters, add a sprinkling of fancy special effects and give it a “dark and gritty” makeover and -boom!- new franchise… Continue reading reboot

the asylum

Today I read about Michael Bay’s plans to reboot the Ninja Turtles as being aliens, and the butthurt that preceded after that from fans using melodramatic language like “you raped my childhood”¬†to describe how a franchise designed to sell plastic crap to kids of the 80s is now transmogrifying into a franchise designed to sell… Continue reading the asylum