Reboots are all the rage at the moment, in Hollywood and comics (I’m looking at you, DC.). You take a tired, old property that has become tarnished and subject to audience fatigue, cast some new characters, add a sprinkling of fancy special effects and give it a “dark and gritty” makeover and -boom!- new franchise ahoy! Or so the theory goes…

For me, this blog became a bit like that. I’d go up and be all “meh” at it, and create a load of “meh” posts about such wonderfully dull topics as, well, my life. Politics, physics, education… reading through it, I just began to think that it was a load of crap. Why would I want to read it? Why would anyone else want to read it, for that matter? What was the point of it?

I’d paid for a domain, and I was just using it to write a rather crappy blog about my personal life. Quite a few of the posts from a few years ago were whinging and stupid and I found myself thinking: you know, why not just delete it all and start again? So I did. Three years of crap gone in a mouse click, and I’m left with a shiny, newly virgin blog to start again with. Nice.

So has been rebooted in keeping with the cultural zeitgeist. The posts that I enjoyed were when I used to stop whining about shit and write about awesome stuff that I liked, rather than starting at my navel and wondering why x thing isn’t like y or how I hate what z political party is doing at the moment. I do still think those things, admittedly, but I don’t enjoy writing about them one little bit. There’s enough people out there doing that, and what’s more getting paid to do it so why should I do it for free?

This is a space for me to write badly written scrawls about awesome things. So even if what I’m writing is epic fail, the people who read it can at least see the thing I think is awesome and go check it out so there will be some win involved. Win snatched from the jaws of fail… or some such thingamejiggy. I’m just rambling now, but the gist is that I’m going to kind of write about comics, games, really bad films and really awesome films and sometimes bits of science-y things I enjoy rather than “man my life sucks right now”. Will I succeed in this?

Yeppity do!

I shouldn’t have written “yeppity do”. That sucks. Note to self: delete that after finishing this.

And now I’ve finished the reboot, and can proceed onwards with the awesome, and less with the fail. Oh, and it appears “yeppity do” is still there.

Well, can’t entirely cut out the shit…

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